What's happening at Steel City Improv Theater AND BEYOND

SATURDAY NIGHT: Musical Improv and Other Mammals

Oh, yes, my pretties … Tonight will be a good one.

Start by tossing your name in the bucket for the SCIT Social -

A low key, no pressure improv jam for everyone! That starts at 6:30, and is always a fun time!

Stay for The LuPones at 8pm. These bunch of musical improv veterans have seen it all: pencil turns gone awry, Mixes gone bad, poorly pinned skirts coming undone because your scene partner gets a little handsy during your scene and gets his sleeve caught on it, and your skirt comes down during the second to last scene, when you’re on stage for another 20 minutes, and you have to hold it for the last 20 minutes. Seen. It. All. Come and see their alls at 8pm when they’ll make up an entire musical for you on the spot!

Then at 9:30: Other Mammals, the most genetically diverse improv group ever, perform the most amazing shizz you’ll ever you see with your own eyes*. These crazy kids give you all their lovin, and expect to get it back. 

All this, only $5 a show, FREE if you’re a current SCIT student! 

* What you do with another persons eyes is your own business.